Thursday, February 27, 2014

And another thing (or "Not a bilingual city, mon cul")

     If Michel Therrien calling himself a proud Canadian was a slap in the face to Quebec separatists, last night's pre-game ceremony at the Bell Center was a punch in the stomach.  
     A post-Olympic love-in for the gold medal-winning Canadian men's and women's hockey teams was capped by a thunderous a capella version of O Canada, sung loud and proud and in both official languages by a capacity crowd who made a mockery of PQ language minister Diane DeCourcy's ludicrous claim that Montreal is not a bilingual city.  It was also a symbolic rebuke of Premier Marois's congratulatory message to the men's team, in which she deliberately snubbed Canada, and only specifically mentioned the four Quebec-born players on the team. 
     It would be wishful thinking to hope that what transpired at the Bell Center last night was a watershed moment in Quebec society.  The government of the day pursues a divisive agenda and is ably assisted by sympathetic collaborators in media, academia and the union movement.  If nothing else, though, the game that unfailingly unites Quebecers of all backgrounds reminded us that day to day and at street level, we share common values and celebrate the same things. 
     We now return to the politics of hate and division, already in progress.


  1. Thank you for this commentary Ted, I felt the same pride when they honoured our Canadian athletes last night at the game :)

  2. Thank you for this fantastic commentary,A proud canadian from Quebec.

  3. Way to go Michel T. From another proud Canadian and Habs fan.