Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lucic nut job

    Montreal hockey fans and media were predictably critical of the conduct and comments from the Bruins' Milan Lucic during and after the Canadiens 2-1 shootout win in Boston Monday.  In the interests of getting a balanced perspective in a heated rivalry, I read several Boston media accounts of Lucic's latest go-around with Canadiens defenceman Alexei Emelin. 
    While the notoriously partisan Bruins media would only go as far as to say it appeared that Lucic speared Emelin in the midsection behind the play in the third period, they reported the incident and Emelin's earlier textbook hip check that so enraged the Bruins without comment or opinion.  They were similarly fact-bound in their reporting of Lucic's postgame tirade in which he called Emelin a chicken for not fighting.  But really, what could they say?  Lucic's puerile reaction to a legal bodycheck and lame denial of the stickwork charge despite clear video evidence to the contrary smacked of a pouting schoolboy's wounded pride. 
    I didn't read, watch or listen to every Boston-based account, but the ones I saw reflected a consensus that there's no credibility in defending the indefensible - even when you're catering to an audience that's more than willing to live the lie.

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