Wednesday, April 2, 2014

That's one way of getting Murray out of the lineup

     It's a foregone conclusion that Montreal defenceman Douglas Murray will be suspended for elbowing Tampa Bay's Mike Kostka in the head last night, and the running gag among Canadiens fans is the more games, the better. 
     Murray's graceless and laborious style makes him an easy target for criticism.  Like a good offensive lineman, nobody notices him when he's at his best.  At his worst, he's a spectacular train wreck.  Murray must be doing something right, because he's been in the NHL for nine years, has taken a regular shift wherever and whenever he's played, and is a significant contributor to a Canadiens penalty killing unit that ranks third in the league.  He's never been suspended and probably faces a maximum of three or four games for last night's incident, which was more circumstantial than it was deliberate and which Murray probably regrets more than anyone. 
     If you think the Canadiens are better off without Murray, be careful what you wish for.  He might not be poetry in motion, but properly utilized, his experience, size and defensive awareness make him more of an asset than he is a liability. 


  1. The constant bashing of Murray is so reminiscent of Hal Gill's first year that it is eerie. Watch this guy in the playoffs. That will be his coming out party much like Gill. Not comparing their strengths and weaknesses now, just simply drawing a parallel of their public popularity "arc". Murray does everything that needs to be done when playoff hockey is played.

  2. Any one catch Murray tossing Lucic out from in front of Prices net, like a rancid sandwich, the last time they played the Briuns? Lucic didn't even bat an eye. He also stood up, eye to eye, to Chara during a scrum after the whistle in front of Price.

    During a penalty kill, he stepped into the corner and knocked both Chara and Lucic to the ice.

    I wonder what Price has to say of Murray. If I were GM, I would inquire as to what my star goaltender thinks of his defensmen in front of him. Murray seems to be the only defensman who ets respect when things get rough. Tinordi will as well in due time.