Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bruins forget who they are

     The Boston Bruins have been so focused on not letting the Canadiens get them off their game that they've done it to themselves.  By their own standards, there's been nothing nasty about the Bruins three games into their second round playoff series with the Habs, who did most of the bullying in last night's 4-2 win at the Bell Center.
     While there's much to be said for discipline, composure and staying out of the penalty box, the Bruins are a team that thrives on intimidation and retribution, and those two trademark elements of their identity have been conspicuously absent.  Boston is never so effective against Montreal as they are when the Bruins are beating up the Canadiens rather than just trying to beat them on the scoreboard.  From Stan Jonathan destroying Pierre Bouchard to Milan Lucic wiping the floor with Mike Komisarek to Zdeno Chara breaking Max Pacioretty's neck, the Bruins have historically used thuggery and goon tactics to their own psychological advantage.  It's what makes them the Big, Bad Bruins.  To this point in the series, they haven't played big, and they've only been bad to the extent that they haven't been good enough.
     Reclaiming their roughhouse identity could be the Bruins' ace in the hole, and it's a card they'd do well to play while they're still at the table.

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