Friday, May 23, 2014

Habs get lucky

    The Canadiens were looking for a little luck in Game 3 of the NHL Eastern Conference final.  They got good fortune by the boatload.
    On a night when they moved like they were wearing cast iron skates and carrying 50 pound bags of sand in their pants, the Habs got back in the series - thanks exclusively to goaltender Dustin Tokarski, who bailed out his teammates in what might have been their worst effort of the post-season.  The Canadiens were gawd-awful out of the gate, and only improved marginally during the course of the game.  They were slower and softer than the Rangers all night, losing virtually every foot race and puck battle.  Their defensive zone coverage and transition game looked like a Chinese fire drill, while the Rangers consistently cleared their own zone with almost comical ease.
    Don Cherry might have been on to something when he said the Montreal tank was empty after a physically and emotionally draining series with Boston.  Whether Cherry was on to something or just on something, the Canadiens had no business winning that game, and if that's the best they can bring in compete level and execution, last night will go down as a token win in a lopsided series.


  1. Oh, Cherry looks like he's ALWAYS on something...

  2. Well said. The Habs had no business winning this one based on their lackluster play. Ok, Vanek got an assist, but the guy is an overpaid bust. Subban played terribly and was burned at least 4 times. No excuses about the physical and emotional letdown after Boston. If you have the good, you bring it every game. Tokarski was great, but can he pull off the same magic that Dryden and Roy both had in their rookie seasons? I doubt it. If the Habs continue this way, they will lose it on home ice in 6 to a better team.