Thursday, May 15, 2014

"L" is for Lucic...and loser

    So, let me get this straight: in Milan Lucic's world, he threatens Dale Weise in the handshake line after the Canadiens eliminate the Bruins, and Weise is the baby.  I suppose that shouldn't surprise anyone, coming from the same guy who speared Alexei Emelin in the nuts from behind and then called Emelin a chicken.
     Lucic is only the most obnoxious example of how the Bruins are constitutionally incapable of taking the high road when it comes to the Canadiens.  If there was a single Bruin who gave Montreal any credit for a hard-fought series win in the immediate aftermath of Game 7, he was a lonely voice in the wilderness.  Little wonder that the theme in the Montreal dressing room was about respect.
     Unfortunately, the fine whine is not just a Bruins thing - it's a Boston thing.  Collectively, the media who cover the Bruins are the worst homers in the NHL, if not in all of pro sports.  Even broadcaster and blogger Jimmy Murphy, who's as close as it gets to a measured voice in the Boston hockey media, tweeted last night that Canadiens fans who were celebrating the Game 7 victory inside the TD Garden would be well-advised to stay there for safety purposes.  It's a pathetic commentary on the Boston mindset when out-of-town fans need a security escort.
     Play the Montreal riot card if you want to, but at least when Montrealers lose their marbles, they're too busy trashing their own town to threaten opposing fans with bodily harm.  In Lucic-think, that probably makes them cowards.


  1. Big fan bird man!!! I think we should focus on more positive things like P.K. dating Pierre Keep it up, chom sucks..

  2. Lucic couldn't catch Weise during the game. I guess he figured when they were in the line-up he'd have his say. The only respect I saw was Rask talking with Price after the game. Goalies are in their own club, regardless of the team.

    1. Saw that too and agree completely. Rask is one hell of a goalie.

    2. And their conversation went something like this:
      Rask: Hey Carey, I'll let you hold my Vezina Trophy...
      Price: And I'll let you hold my Stanley Cup.

  3. Yes, Ted. Boston/Montreal rivalry goes deeper than a Turkish coal mine. I think Lucic could use some therapy/anger management work.