Monday, May 5, 2014

Ne paniquez pas (and other Monday musings)

I get it. Blowing a 3-1 third period lead and losing 5-3 is a real kick in the stones, but try to think big picture here.  If you'd known before their second round series with the Bruins started that the Canadiens would come out of Boston with a split, you'd have taken it.  The squandered opportunity to come home with a 2-0 series lead was an almost required reminder that the Bruins are a powerful and explosive opponent, and that dammit, Carey Price is a goaltender, not a magician.  There are human limits to what he's capable of accomplishing, and those limits preclude Price from winning the series by himself.

Benoit Pouliot dominated Sidney Crosby in Game 1 of the Rangers-Penguins series.  I REPEAT: BENOIT POULIOT DOMINATED SIDNEY CROSBY.  And shame on Don Cherry for making excuses for Crosby when Cherry would have ripped a European or francophone player a new one for the same lack of effort.

Hypocrisy aside, I have no problem with Cherry wearing his Bruins tie and cufflinks on Hockey Night in Canada.  In 34 years of Coach's Corner, he's never pretended to be anyone or anything other than who or what he is.  Like him or not, Cherry's honesty and candor are part of his appeal and a big factor in his longevity.

After St. Louis made another disappointing first round exit amid great expectations, I said the Blues were the new Sharks, unless the Sharks blew it against the Kings, which they did, so THEY'RE still the Sharks, and the Blues will have to find their own ill-fated identity.  Being called the Blues is actually a pretty good start.

It was only one series, but the rabid enthusiasm of Raptors fans during their team's seven game run against Brooklyn went a long way towards stamping Toronto as a legitimate basketball market, or at least minimizing the notion of Toronto as the Siberia of the NBA.   The team's "We The North" marketing campaign was so well-received that adapted versions of the slogan are being appropriated by other organizations, including Overeaters Anonymous (We The Girth), the New York Deli Owners Association (We the Borscht) and the Worldwide Star Wars Fan Club (We The Darth).

I'll let myself out.

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