Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Poke this

     Can we give it a rest already with the "don't poke the bear" mantra?  While I don't condone it, Andrei Markov giving Zdeno Chara the Milan Lucic-stick-in-the-pills treatment towards the end of last night's game at the Bell Center was the Bruins getting a taste of their own medicine, and the subsequent dust-up with the Chara-Lucic-Jarome Iginla goon squad smacked of frustration on the Bruins' part more than it came across as intimidation.
     Despite Boston's vaunted bigness and badness, the Canadiens have set the physical tone for most of the series.  If that's not poking the bear, I don't know what is, and it's an approach that's served Montreal well - if forcing a seventh and deciding game against a strongly favoured opponent is any measure of success.  
     The bear doesn't require poking to understand the stakes and circumstances.  He's now the prey rather than the predator.  Being cornered doesn't make them any less dangerous, but in this series, the time has long since passed for the Bruins to play the intimidation card to any effect.  

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