Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vin Scully - the anti-Bob Cole

     Anyone who can count to 66 understands the enormity of Vin Scully's legacy, but let's have some fun with perspective anyway.
     In announcing yesterday that he would be back for a 66th season doing play-by-by for the Los Angeles (nee Brooklyn) Dodgers, Scully extended a major league baseball broadcasting career that began in the first year of the Korean War.  No one had ever heard of Elvis Presley besides his immediate family and close friends, Queen Elizabeth was still a Princess and current Dodgers manager Don Mattingly wouldn't be born for another 11 years.
     Scully's longevity has never come at the price of his dignity.  He's not a senile blowhard hanging on well past his best before date.  At age 86, Scully still has his wits entirely about him and a work ethic that's second to none.  He's as knowledgeable about the game and as masterful a storyteller as he ever was, and no less conspicuous just because he hasn't completely embraced social media, which is supposedly mandatory for anyone who wants to stay relevant in 21st century mass media.
     Even in the multi-platform digital universe, at its core, broadcasting is about resonating with your audience through the spoken word, and no one has done it longer or better than Vin Scully.

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  1. Well said. The two are polar opposites as far as broadcaster quality is concerned. Mr. Scully can make even the most boring baseball game sound interesting, whereas Bob calling a hockey game is tantamount to torture.