Saturday, August 30, 2014

Justin vs. PKP - the looming Canadian idol showdown

     If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, the Parti Quebecois is truly insane.
     On the heels of one of the worst electoral spankings in their history, members of the the PQ caucus have reaffirmed their commitment to separation (or "sovereignty" as they like to call it, as part of a thus far failed public relations strategy to soft sell the potentially dire consequences of an abrupt rupture of the Canadian federation).  While there's no method to the separatist madness other than the tunnel vision pursuit of damn-the-torpedoes nationhood, the PQ dream might not be dead if the voting public's shallow obsession with style over substance proves to be a winning formula.
     Consider the potential scenarios for the next federal and provincial elections.  History suggests that Canadians prefer change - if only for its own sake - after two terms of the same government.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives are in their third mandate since 2006.  Between Harper fatigue and the personal appeal of Justin Trudeau, the Liberals are the favorites to win the next federal election, expected in the fall of 2015.  Trudeau might not have an impressive CV by professional or political standards, but his timing is right and he's got tremendous star power, which is hugely important in today's 24 hour, multi-platform media universe.
     Which brings us to PQ leadership frontrunner Pierre-Karl Peladeau - another political neophyte whose biggest assets are his bank account and his celebrity, although he is admittedly much more than a mere dilettante.  Peladeau is seasoned and accomplished at the highest levels of the business world.  A PKP-led PQ with a strong economic agenda and minus the ever more outdated racism and xenophobia that sunk Pauline Marois's boat would not only represent an attractive alternative to the Liberals at the provincial level, but could inspire the confidence that's always been the missing ingredient in the quest for "sovereignty".
     And this is where it gets really interesting: within 5 to 10 years, there's the possibility of a third Quebec referendum campaign with Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Justin Trudeau as the respective leaders of the Yes and No sides.  The future of a united Canada could possibly be decided by which member of the lucky sperm club flashes the warmest grin, has the nicest haircut and cuts the best figure in a $2500 suit.
     Lord help us all.

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  1. Ha! a 'Talent-show show-down' between the two to determine which contestant will lead the Country and have Ben Mulroney Host it.