Friday, August 1, 2014

Not good

    Regardless of the outcome of PK Subban's arbitration hearing, it's unfortunate that it had to come to this. It's just business, but it's business among people, and as such there will always be an emotional component.  As mature and professional as he's been during the negotiation process, Subban can't help but feel slighted when the Canadiens try to minimize his worth in front of an arbitrator.
     It wouldn't be so bad if this weren't the second time they've butted heads at the bargaining table.  Subban held out for six games two seasons ago until he compromised on a bridge contract, on the understanding that the jackpot would be waiting once he proved himself.  A Norris Trophy and Stanley Cup semifinal run on his shoulders later (which is all the proof anyone should need), the Canadiens are still playing hardball.      
     When you combine everything he brings to the table on and off the ice with the modern day potential for revenue streams, there's a strong case to be made for Subban as the most valuable asset in Canadiens franchise history, which makes doing things the hard way that much more puzzling...and dangerous.  Now that they've actually gone to arbitration, the popular refrain that it's all just part of the process, PK will sign his long-term deal and bygones will be bygones rings a lot more hollow than it did this time yesterday.


  1. I am hearing that they reached an agreement that will see Pernell Karl stay in Montréal for the next 8 years ...

  2. My understanding is that they can still work out a deal right up go the day of reckoning.

  3. In the aspect of negotiating-player-contract The Habs adopt sometimes an air of superiority that gets under my skin. They're the ones they want you to know who are holding the cards. Look what its has got them.
    Its like my ex-Boss he wouldn't give you too many pats-on-back of fear you'd become confident.
    A contract signed following arbitration is not the same as when both parties comes to terms (which it should have been the case with PK). To show him he's wanted. I believe Lou Lamoriello would have understand this

    They short-changed the first time because they could. I'm not a harbinger of negative outcome for the Habs but if PK gets something really big and digs deep into their pockets with something like 10 Mil I'll be happy for him.

  4. Am I to think it's not that PK gets the contract he wanted, but rather the way the Habs eventually agreed to it. I'm betting 72 mill soothes any jangled