Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Islamic State, Inc: We're thinking a head

  The Islamic State is concerned about its "brand".
   IS or ISIS or ISIL or IHOP or whatever radical Islam's travelling circus of homicidal maniacs is calling itself this week has reportedly ordered members to stop uploading videos of beheadings on social media, lest the graphic images of cruelty and gore damage the organization's reputation. This laughably belated and hamfisted attempt at public relations damage control can only mean one thing, more frightening than the caliphate itself: they've hired media consultants.
  The image makeover is part of a broader Islamic State move towards a corporate philosophy. Like many corporations, IS is downsizing, insofar as members who fail to conform completely to the jihadist group's fundamental teachings are being purged. The severance package, apparently, is your severed head in a box.

   IS is also the envy of western corporate executives in its ability to recognize and exploit any and all revenue streams, including robbery, kidnapping, extortion, smuggling and even online gift shops offering all the latest merchandise for birthdays, anniversaries, summary executions and other special events.
   Islamic State, Inc. is a chilling prospect indeed. The combination of psychotic bloodlust and the sociopathic mentality of the corporate boardroom takes indifference to human suffering to an entirely new level. 
  Tough times for the infidel just got a whole lot tougher.

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