Thursday, September 4, 2014

Next referendum in THIS many years

   From the erstwhile Quebec cabinet minister who brought you institutionalized racism in the form of the Charter of Values comes the Slow Stroll to Sovereignty 2023.
   Would-be PQ leadership candidate Bernard Drainville says he would not hold a referendum in his first mandate as premier, opting instead to lay the necessary groundwork for a vote on independence after re-election.  Apparently, the half century since the Quiet Revolution hasn't provided sufficient time for separatists to get their ducks in a row, so Bernie D doesn't want to rush things.    
   Drainville's trial lead balloon also includes raiding the government treasury during his first term to facilitate putting the pieces in place for independence.  How's that for Alice in Wonderland politics?  Run for a first term based on a solemn promise to not hold a referendum, but with the expressed intent of spending the entire mandate and oodles of taxpayer dollars openly preparing to do in your second term exactly what you promised not to do in the first.      
   To his credit and unlike past PQ luminaries, Drainville can't be accused of talking out of both sides of his mouth.  Instead of a hodgepodge of verbose misdirection that characterized the first two referendum questions, his would be straight up: "Do you want Quebec to remain a province of Canada or become an independent country." 
   If nothing else, that's refreshing candor from a movement whose pursuit of its raison d'etre has historically been an exercise in intellectual dishonesty.


  1. I think this guy is living in a dream world!! you think the people would not notice that. What would he do with the money spend it on him self and his crooks.. I do not for see the P.Q. back in power in the near or far future