Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh, shut up and R.I.P

   Well, that didn't take long.
   Joan Rivers was still warm when people started cracking jokes about her death yesterday at the age of 81. That is to say, the parts of her not made of Gore-Tex, teflon and silicone were still warm. 
   Although her comedic range and CV were broad, Rivers will be remembered primarily as an "insult" comedienne because of the barbs she routinely tossed on her show Fashion Police. It's a challenging way to make a living in a politically correct world where people wake up looking for a reason to be offended and the social media lynch mob mobilizes at a moment's notice. Ask Gilbert Gottfried.
   What her detractors tend to forget (or deliberately overlook) about Rivers is that she was often her own favorite target. Self-deprecation can be an endearing quality, and it was a significant part of Joan Rivers's appeal. It was also something of a badge of honor to be taken down by the Fashion Police - at least among celebrities who understand and accept that it comes with the territory, and recognize that any publicity is good publicity in Hollywood.
   So whether you hated Joan Rivers or loved her, don't feel obliged to adhere to the moral code of not speaking ill of the deceased. Take your best shot.
   She wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. We know she won't be cremated. She'd burn forever.

  2. Her body is being donated to Tupperware.
    RIP Joan Rivers