Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Watch this fail

   The Dick Tracy jokes were all used up when Samsung unveiled its smartwatch, so let's cut to the chase on the new Apple watch: it's a bad idea. 
   There's virtually nothing the Apple watch can do that the iPhone can't do, but redundancy isn't its worst failing.  Watches are an accessory, and as a fashion statement, Apple's glorified swatch can't compete with mid-priced brands like Tissot and TW Steel, never mind Rolex and Tag Heuer.  Considering the brainpower they employ, it's surprising no one at Apple was clever enough to design a smartphone shaped like an old-fashioned pocket watch at the end of a 24 karat gold chain.  That's snob appeal, but it would probably be vetoed by the beancounters at corporate because it would mean two devices for the price of one. Practicality and creativity are quaint business concepts, but God forbid that they interfere with profitability. 
   Meanwhile, it wouldn't be 2014 if someone wasn't somehow offended, and Apple ran afoul of feminists 
by enlarging the iPhone6.  Apparently, the new 4.7 inch screen versus 4 inches for the previous generation makes the new model too difficult to manipulate with one hand for people with smaller hands - typically women. 
   Who knew that phones could be sexist, and that 4 inches is enough?

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