Friday, October 17, 2014

Master Baiter

   Well, it seems safe to assume that Milan Lucic didn't spend his summer in behavioral therapy or attending Bible camp.
   Six months after literally uttering death threats in the handshake line following the Canadiens' playoff series win over the Bruins, Lucic was as unhinged as ever last night at the Bell Center.  In a profound demonstration of his retarded emotional development, Lucic made the jerk-off gesture at the crowd after taking a boneheaded penalty that sealed the Bruins' fate in a 6-4 Montreal win.  Lucic was fined $5000 and is lucky he wasn't suspended, if the October 2010 James Wisniewski-Sean Avery incident served as a precedent.  The main difference is that what Wisniewski did was actually pretty funny, whereas Lucic's display was just pathetic.
   It was also confirmation of just how far inside the Bruins' heads the Canadiens remain.  It's not as if the Habs go out of their way to conduct psychological warfare against the Bruins - it's usually the opposite. Gamesmanship aside, Boston has by far been the more successful franchise in recent years, but when it comes to the Canadiens, the Bruins are still living in the distant past.  Their massive inferiority complex persists, with Lucic as its poster boy.   


  1. I agree 100%....Very sad...

  2. He plays with a hard-edge that'd bring a lot of good to any team but the we-are-the-law bully attitude gets tiring.