Friday, October 3, 2014

God save the queens

  What could be more 21st century than Facebook being pressured into apologizing to drag queens?  I mean, it's got all the elements of what preoccupies present day social crusaders: a global social media platform, a non-heteronormative subculture, and one losing its nerve and caving in to the shrill protests of the other.
   Facebook was adhering to longstanding policy when it informed drag queens that they had to use their real names on their accounts. While the full disclosure rule is designed as a marketing tool, it also serves as a useful security buffer against online scourges like sexual luring, cyberbullying and identity theft. 
   But the queens, well, they're special.  Woe betide the company or individual that runs afoul of the LBGTQLMNOPEIEIO community and its cadre of keyboard warrior mercenaries.  Anything that can be remotely construed as a slight against sexual or gender ambiguity will not be tolerated, even if it's a rule or policy that applies equally to everyone.  Intolerance is the new tolerance, and it's even got Silicon Valley spooked.
   Were I an internet scam artist, I would set up my anonymous Facebook drag queen account just as soon as I found a dress that doesn't make my ass look fat. 


  1. I have no idea of what Facebook's rules and regs are..real names on their accounts?..on the webnet?..of course..everyone does that..everything on the webnet is true but rules should be applied equally which in reality never are..people always cave to those who screech the loudest.
    PS: I don't have/use whatever Facebook..don't care what someone I went to grade three with had for breakfast..didn't care much back then either..unsocial media gives me hives

  2. LBGTQLMNOPEIEIO> Ya missed one letter so this wouldn't fairly represent the entire community.
    keyboard warrior mercenaries is a funny phenomenon. Aimed in the same direction and in numbers it holds effective power and yields results. see Donald Sterling.