Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Great Expectations

   Unrealistic expectations are the norm among sports fans as emotionally invested as Habs Nation, but the high hopes harbored by Canadiens supporters heading into tonight's season opener in Toronto are firmly rooted in reality.
   Last spring's run to the Stanley Cup semifinals was no fluke, and if Carey Price hadn't been hurt early in the Rangers series, things might have ended differently.  No offence to Dustin Tokarski, but goaltender is the most important position on the ice, and Price has firmly stamped himself as one of the top three - if not the best - in the world.
   From the crease out, the Canadiens lineup is as balanced as it's been in the last 20 years, which is a year shy of their current Stanley Cup drought.  Their lynchpin players - Price, PK Subban and Max Pacioretty - are all at an age where they're still trending upwards.  A veteran core headed by but not limited to Andrei Markov, Tomas Plekanec and Brandon Prust precludes any concerns about a leadership void left by the departures of Brian Gionta and Josh Gorges. Throw in the very real possibility of a breakthrough season for potential franchise centerman Alex Galchenyuk, and what's not to like?
   Injuries, as always, are the wild card.  They're inevitable, but if the Canadiens can avoid long-term injuries to their cornerstone players - Carey Price most of all - nothing is unattainable.

This blog post is dedicated to Shaun Starr, who said to me "I still read your blog, but it's all political shit now.  Write about sports, fuck."


  1. LOL @ Shaun Starr

  2. A season is so much more interesting when its stringed with victories. But a two- decade-long dry-spell is enough to quell hopes coated in over-confidence at its root. Heading forward from here and that said this is a season where most everybody on-board is asking the question why not us?
    *Shawn I listen to you sometimes and I like you but hearing about current and happening events in a way that is interesting, informative & entertaining, you should know, is all good. Hockey and sports in general are part of a bigger thing that is Life. Melnick shares his knowledge of great music with us and If someday someone were to kidnap Miley Cyrus' dog, he'll tell ya about it if only for Entertainment value. Ted's Perspective is one I always feel privileged to read except if out-of-touch and don't relate in any way to the current day, which has yet to happen.