Friday, October 10, 2014

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ISIS

   Call me a worry wart, but I can't say that I take comfort in the statistical likelihood that I'll drown in the bathtub or choke to death on a grape before I'm deliberately decapitated or shredded by a nail bomb.
   This week's partially-retracted NBC News report about ISIS wanna-be's in Canada was both disturbing and predictable.  Given that hundreds of westerners have traveled to the Middle East to join the ISIS rampage, it should come as no surprise that others who couldn't make the trip would want to do their part behind "enemy" lines.  And make no mistake: if you're not buying into what these homicidal lunatics are selling, you are the enemy.  
   Other countries allied militarily and philosophically with Canada have already experienced bloodshed that was inspired by - if not directly linked to - ISIS ideology.  Within the past year, Muslim converts have been arrested for beheading an elderly woman in London and brutally murdering an off-duty British soldier.  A woman in Oklahoma was beheaded last month by a former work colleague who had converted to Islam.  In Australia, police arrested 15 alleged ISIS members or sympathizers on charges of plotting a public beheading.  You can call the religious angle coincidence if it makes you feel better, but for anyone with a lick of logic in their thinking, the common thread is relevant. 
   And can we please dispense with the crackpot notion that ISIS is an invention of the CIA and/or Elders or Zion as a pretext for world domination? The tin foil hat crowd who promote that nonsense are the same nutters who insist 9/11 was an inside job, probably planned and executed from the secret military base on Mars.
   I'm not trying to sow panic here.  At this point, the odds of being hacked to death in the gardening section at Canadian Tire or blown up in a Tim Horton's drive-thru suicide bombing are probably astronomical. But the recent course of events strongly suggests that the threat - however remote - is real, and anyone who dismisses it outright does so at their peril.
  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to roll the dice and eat grapes in the bathtub.


  1. It's not the Gardening section at Canadian Tire where these nuts are planning their attacks. Outdoor lighting. That's where the shit is going down. They hate Christmas more than the infidels themselves.

  2. What is ironic is that if one of those, we know are among us, should decide to act and walk into a crowded place with bad intentions and a bomb attached to his torso but a malfunction meant it didn't go off and we caught offender. The system here he is so passionately trying to hurt, would protect him and see to it he is given a fair trial. I wouldn't even want to imagine what were to happen if we were to get caught similarly on their turf.