Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Is the Trudeau facade starting to crumble?

    It's been a rough week for Justin Trudeau.
   After positioning himself as Prime Minister-in-waiting through the combination of his pedigree and estimable charm and traditional voter fatigue with a multiple-term sitting government, Trudeau has floundered badly in his first real test of crisis leadership.
   It started last Thursday with his jaw-droppingly ill-advised dick joke during a Liberal love-in called Canada 2020, where Trudeau trivialized the ISIS terror threat by mocking the Harper government for "trying to whip out our F-18s and show them how big they are."  It wasn't the first time the Liberal leader saw fit to crack wise about a large scale human catastrophe.  Last winter, he brought a television interview to a screeching halt when he made a hockey joke about looming civil war in Ukraine.
   Between Trudeau's frat boy approach to foreign affairs and public opinion polls showing him to be badly out of touch with prevailing Canadian sentiment on the terror threat, the Liberal braintrust was sufficiently panicked to give Marc Garneau the lead role in yesterday's House of Commons debate on Canada's military mission against ISIS.  Not only was Trudeau relegated to spectator status, he left the debate early to attend a speech by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who used the occasion to endorse military action against marauding Islamic extremists. 
   Justin Trudeau is a decent, engaging fellow with the best of intentions, but we've seen more than enough of him to recognize that he's not prime ministerial.  He's a celebrity who would make a terrific figurehead for a charitable organization or maybe even a useful ambassador or consul-general with a little bit of schooling in diplomatic decorum and politesse.  But he's no more of a statesman than Ben Mulroney - another son of privilege who had the good sense to go into a field of work that suits his talents.


  1. There's a sentiment out there that we shouldn't be critical of the young leader because of 'where he came from' and because he's the new generation and anyone over 45 just doesn't understand the new societal reality. unfortunately, these faux-pas will keep coming until he learns that wit is only useful in very few instances. The inevitable comparisons to his father are part of the game. coattails cannot be taken out only when convenient. He is intelligent, well educated, affable, but has to find (and accept) mentoring in a hurry. If not , he'll be a short lived chapter.

    1. Intelligent????

  2. He's not intelligent. Glib, yes.

  3. Well educated? He has a bachelors degree... and his only job was as a temp drama teacher. He's qualified by education and experience to... do nothing.

  4. just enough intelligence not to get himself photographed dissing the queen of england or partying pantyless with rock stars.

    not nearly smart enough to run a country.

  5. I dispute the assertion that he's smart and well educated. He's got great hair though.

  6. He has no business being in politics. He's a spoiled, out of touch rich boy with not a single qualification for the job. No management experience, no financial decision making experience, and no moral compass. The only reason he's even in the House of Commons is because his dad was Prime Minister. We live in a democracy where our leaders are supposed to be elected because they're capable, not because of who their dad was. We got rid of the Monarchy system long ago, I don't know why anyone would want to foist a "royal family" on us.

  7. "Best intentions"... hardly... the man? boy is a figure head for some pretty radical handlers, like Gerald Butts the architect of the disastrous "green shaft" in Canadas second most corrupt Province, Ontario... Quebec being No"1 of course... I've seen nothing but arrogance, a staggering unseriousness and a colossal ignorance from the Trudeau boy. Does Junior's American handlers, the ones pulling his strings and the ones that thought the name and hair was enough to dupe Canadians into voting for a silly, shallow, superficial dandy have "good intentions"? It was well known in Liberal circle jerks that the 42 year old boy/man Junior Trudeau was nothing special in the brains department, quite the opposite, and yet they cynically and arrogantly picked him as the "savior" of the hopelessly corrupt Trudeau Party (Liberal). Baby Trudeau is an unqualified leader, the Prince of fools for other fools... "Liberals" / progressives" should be ashamed of themselves for attempting such cynical slight of hand. Good news for all of Canada that the facade is crumbling, just as it should.

  8. And his spokespeople are no better. Leslie looked a fool today trying to defend Justin's and the Grits' position for "armed humanitarianism" [sic] against ISIS. Even Evan Solomon (!) wouldn't let him get away with it. Ezra Levant critiques the whole performance on his show today (Oct 7).
    /Andrew in Toronto

  9. Hopefully you are correct.

    Many of us that pay attention to the news from all sources have known all along that the he is a vacuous empty suit with pretty hair.