Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lucy DeCoutere and Big Ears Teddy are game-changers

   It took a stuffed bear and a trailer park girl to bury Jian Ghomeshi.
   Actress Lucy DeCoutere, who plays Lucy on the popular TV comedy series Trailer Park Boys, lowered the boom on the ousted CBC star by doing what seven co-accusers have refused to do: putting her name to allegations that she was assaulted and abused by Ghomeshi.  In the same Toronto Star article quoting DeCoutere, two of Ghomeshi's anonymous accusers who were allegedly attacked in his home share creepily similar details about a stuffed bear named "Big Ears Teddy", whom they said Ghomeshi would turn around so that it was facing the other way when he assaulted them.  Within minutes of the Star report being published, a six month old Twitter account with the handle @bigearsteddy went viral, revealing that allegations identical to the ones that surfaced against Ghomeshi this week were floating around in cyberspace last April and suggesting that Big Ears Teddy harbored a hidden camera.
   Even with DeCoutere coming forward, no charges have been filed against Ghomeshi, but the due process part of the equation has been rendered moot by circumstantial evidence so overwhelming that the substantial fan support Ghomeshi was receiving on social media has evaporated.  At this point, even if he were to get a favorable ruling in either criminal or civil court, Ghomeshi's credibility and professional clout would be on a par with O.J. Simpson's.  He needs to go far, far away.
   In the meantime, it won't go down in the annals of Canadiana alongside "money and ethnic votes", "Just watch me," and "Henderson scores for Canada", but anyone who ever read or heard "Big Ears Teddy shouldn't see this" won't soon forget it.


  1. your initial post on this was a joke...

    "Unfortunately, social media has resurrected the mob mentality, and what's fair and just is secondary to controlling the narrative on Twitter."

    the only mob mentality was those who supported Ghomeshi after his FB post. those who were quick to dismiss any victim side of this.. and then there were others like yourself who fell back on I cannot believe the victims because he is due his day in court.. you had it backwards. what you should have been saying was the victims were due their day in court....

  2. Thanks, Anonymous. Please send me the link to your blog so I can learn how it's done properly.