Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Well played, Sun News, well played

   Ezra Levant played Justin Trudeau like a fiddle. 
   The Sun News Network's public apology for Levant's juvenile attack on the sexual mores of the Trudeau family gave Levant and Sun News exactly what they were looking for: free hype and exposure.  (The video is gone but Sun News still has a sanitized version of Levant's script online.)  Media competitors who dismiss Levant as a crackpot and Sun News as a little-watched propaganda arm of the federal Conservative party also took the bait, to the point where Levant's rant made national headlines and the subsequent apology was a trending topic on Twitter, fuelled to no small extent by the self-appointed media elite who claim Levant and Sun News are irrelevant. 
   As stridently right wing as Sun News can be, it provides balance that's otherwise virtually non-existent in media coverage of Canadian federal politics.  For the most part, mainstream political reporters and commentators split their time between ignoring or under-reporting Trudeau's ill-conceived attempts at statesmanship and intellectualism (admiration for China's basic dictatorship, re-thinking space and time, hockey jokes about war in Ukraine etc.) and gushing like a gaggle of teenage groupies over his looks and charm. The favoritism seems to be rooted as much in contempt for Prime Minister Harper as it is in anything of substance that Trudeau has to offer, but it would go unchallenged were it not for Sun News, however slanted their own coverage. 
   By boycotting Sun News until they apologized, Trudeau has now put himself in the position of having to re-engage their reporters, who seem to be the only ones willing to hold him to account.  That's good news for everyone - Trudeau included, because anyone who aspires to be a democratic head of state should be well-practiced in having their feet held to the fire.


  1. I don't know, Ted. This Levant guy said some bad shit about his moms and pops. Nasty shit. Dirty politics. Levant is a bit of a looney.

    1. Now I've given that one some serious thought and although at first I would have agreed with you I have since come to realize that when an aspiring politician comes to the lectern with little more than good looks and an instantly recognizable last name, but nothing else, then someone else will do the defining.
      Young trudeau has no business aspiring to the top job what with no credentials nor real accomplishments.
      The fact that the power hungry lpc & the juvenile wing of the media want to get their rocks off by foisting this charade on the Cdn public and putting this putz in the driver's seat speaks volumes as regards the integrity of both guilty parties.

      And just which brain trust thought that justin's autobiography was an essential " gotta have " that we should all line up for ...the ghost written meanderings of an unserious trust fund kid ?
      The poor lad needs to be left to his own devices in hopes that he will grow up sufficiently to not fall for every back room manipulator who feeds his insatiable ego by wanting to convince him that he is the second coming of the cdn messiah.

  2. uh, ian... paraphrasing levant, he said pierre was a bit of a gigolo and maggie very publicly forgot to wear panties as she, in turn, shamelessly chased after the rolling stones.

    both statements were entirely factual. in fact, there's a famous picture of maggie's naughty bits out there on the intertubes.

    justin starts swappin spit with random brides (as he did) it becomes relevant.

  3. please tell me what he said that was untrue? I quit the Lieberal Party when I met Turdoe senior. He has no charisma, only syncophants. The same as I perceive for Turdoe the younger.

  4. True, you don't know much Ian. "This Levant guy" is responsible for the rejuvenation of your freedom of speech in Canada.