Thursday, November 20, 2014

If it looks like a duck and it prays like a duck and it rapes and murders like a duck...

   It's been a tough week for the religion of peace. 
   Defenders of the One Truth Faith took a significant hit with the release of a report citing religious extremism as the main cause of terrorism in the 21st century, and Muslim extremists as the main culprits.  As if to underscore the report, the Islamic State released its latest graphic execution video, showing several Syrian prisoners being beheaded and an ISIS member proudly displaying the severed head of American hostage Peter Kassig.  In Jerusalem, meanwhile, four rabbis and an Israeli police officer were murdered when two Palestineans armed with handguns, knives and meat cleavers stormed a synagogue during prayers.  In Britain, yet another gang of Asian men is under investigation for sexually exploiting teenaged girls, but woe betide anyone who points out that they're Muslim or mentions Islam's history of subjugating women.  White liberal self-loathing has become so entrenched in mainstream British society that a politician was arrested for hate speech because Muslims were offended that he quoted Winston Churchill.  Let me say that again: he was carted off by British police for quoting the greatest democratic statesman of the 20th century.  Who's got the phobia here? 
   Even if Muslim extremists are in the minority, the moderate majority is clearly too weak-willed to bring the fanatics to heel, but why bother when they've got apologists running interference for them, including the President of the United States, who famously and foolishly proclaimed that the Islamic State is not Islamic? Between that and the guy getting busted for quoting Churchill, it's like we're living a real-life Saturday Night Live skit, but like the last half hour of SNL, there's really nothing funny about it. 
   Of course, not all Muslims are rapists and murderers, but the ones who are represent the largest existential threat to harmony among peoples and nations since the Nazis, and that needs to be acknowledged before it can be properly addressed.  Crying Islamophobia whenever someone points out the obvious is worse than ignorant or intellectually dishonest.  It's morally complicit with blackhearted degenerates who would slice your children's throats without a second thought.
   As always, Pat Condell says it better than I ever could.


  1. your comment is almost there. Thing is (there are no peacefull moslems)........ They are nice and freindly only when they are a minority... once they see and feel that they have an advantage,all moslems are RADICAL.....Period

  2. The whole religion of peace thing is wearing thin. Any other major religions around that can compete with fanatics when it comes to violence?

  3. Its a duck. Factual is the one common denominator. It can't be made to look false with argument. Now people only need to see it.