Sunday, November 16, 2014

Speaking of bullies

   Scientists landed a rocket on a comet 500 million kilometers from Earth last week, and all anyone was talking about was a bowling shirt.
   Dr. Matt Taylor celebrated the European Space Agency's historic Rosetta mission achievement by wearing a shirt given to him as a birthday gift from a friend.  It wasn't typical laboratory garb, what with the garish colors and images of scantily clad women, but keep in mind that Dr. Taylor is a 21st century hipster astrophysicist with sleeve tattoos.  He's a lot more Sons of Anarchy than he is Son of Flubber.
   What followed was a feeding frenzy for the professional victim set.  Dr. Taylor was vilified on social media to the point of literally being reduced to tears in a subsequent broadcast apology.  The guy had just landed a rocket on a fucking comet, but that was secondary to the progressive lynch mob getting their pound of flesh because of an ill-advised wardrobe choice (and it was only ill-advised in the context of the present day climate of intolerant group think. Seventy years ago, pin-up girls helped inspire a generation to win a war against real bad guys with considerably more sinister motives than Dr. Taylor's). 
   Sometimes, feminists are their own worst enemy.  So intent are they on bringing men to heel that they react to perceived offence on a disproportionate scale that damages their credibility more than it advances their agenda.  Worse than that, they're guilty of the same kind of psychological bullying that they so piously protest.
   They need to take their own advice and check their privilege.


  1. They were upset about his shirt? How about get over yourselves? I'm starting to think that there is a protest group for just about anything. Would have been nice if he did not apologize and just ignore them, they deserve to be ignored

  2. instinctively in Pirranah fashion they all turned on him Knowing in numbers they can bring him down and they did.
    This immediate-Justice Phenomenon holds shades of Vengefulness.