Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Twitter not in the RCAF arsenal, apparently

  So, let me get this straight.  Under the 21st century Canadian military code, it's okay to drop laser-guided smart bombs on the bad guys but you can't bitch slap them on Twitter.
   The commanding officer of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Lieutenant-General Yvan Blondin, tweeted a picture Saturday from the funeral of Warrant Office Patrice Vincent in Longueuil with the message, "Dear ISIL, thinking of you.  Some of my colleagues are in your area.  Hopefully, they'll have a chance to drop by."  Defence Minister Rob Nicholson called the tweet "inappropriate" and ordered it deleted.
   Inappropriate in what way?  In that it suggested Canada's motive for bombing Islamic State targets in Iraq and Syria is based on revenge?  Sorry, but we committed to the mission before WO Vincent was run down and killed by a known Islamic jihadist.  Maybe it was deemed inappropriate because Lt.-Gen. Blondin tweeted from a funeral, but under the circumstances I can't think of a more appropriate time and place.  Or maybe the Department of Defence is like every other corporate and government body that has a shit hemorrhage* every time one of its employees tweets something that isn't puppies in a basket.
   Of course, the Islamic State doesn't resort to sarcastic digs on Twitter.  Their brand of social media warfare involves posting videos of summary mass executions of apostates or beheadings of foreign journalists and aid workers.  
   It's probably a good thing there wasn't Twitter during World War Two. Outspoken military leaders like Patton, Montgomery and Bomber Harris would have been too busy deleting "inappropriate" tweets to devise and conduct a successful campaign against an enemy that didn't let politically correct niceties get in the way of conquest and genocide.
   Wouldn't want to offend the Hun, you know.

*Copyright my uncle Charlie 1969 "Well, we'd  better get back to the house before your aunt Dorothy has a shit hemorrhage."

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  1. I thought his tweet was just perfect...Rob Nicholsons' response was inappropriate..period.