Friday, November 21, 2014

Winnie the hermaphrodite and every man for herself

   It is my unswerving belief that the best books and movies are based on true stories.  It's not unheard of for great writers and filmmakers to create epic works of fiction, but as an enduring producer of compelling content, the imagination is no match for reality.
   Winnie the Pooh's banishment from a Polish playground for being an "inappropriate hermaphrodite" probably won't be fodder for Hollywood or the major publishing houses, but it's definitely a story that no one could make up. Vigilant municipal councillers in Tuszyn, a small town in central Poland, have rejected Pooh as the face of a local play area on the basis of the animated bear's dubious sexuality and the fact that he's only semi-clad.  I've never given much thought to which way Winnie swings or why he's not wearing trou.  I've always been more puzzled about why he sounds like my great-grandmother.  
   Another fact-stranger-than-fiction story unfolded this week in Toronto, where a physical altercation broke out at a City Hall flag-raising ceremony for the transgender community.  And no, it wasn't transphobic violence.  The dust-up was between segments of the transgender community arguing over whether the ceremony was inclusive enough.  
   Rival transgender gangs - now there's a concept a good storyteller could run with.  
   Get me Kurt Sutter.  I think we've got a spinoff starring Venus from Sons of Anarchy.


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