Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Emotional support WHAT?!

   In a world gone mad where perpetrators are the victims, mob consensus is an acceptable substitute for due process and being first and loudest on social media equates to being right, it was refreshing to see common sense prevail last week at Bradley International Airport in Hartford, Connecticut, where a woman was booted off a US Airways flight after her pet pig shat in the aisle prior to take-off. 
   Mind you, this wasn't just any pig.  It was an "emotional support pig", and was allowed on board under a US Department of Transportation regulation stating "animals that assist persons with disabilities by providing emotional support" can accompany their owners in passenger cabins of commercial flights.  Why and how a grown woman would derive empathy and compassion from a snorting, shitting 80 pound pig remains unclear at this time. 
   You can't make this stuff up.  That the pig was allowed on the plane in the first place is a sad testament to the lengths that businesses go to to accommodate any self-pitying crackpot who thinks they have special needs, lest there be negative publicity or even legal action for causing undue trauma. The notion of placing an emotional support pig in the same category as a legitimate service animal like a seeing eye dog has got to be more than a little off-putting to people with genuine disabilities. 
   As I was saying just the other day to my meditation hyena, the whole world's gone nuts. 

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  1. I want to print this story and hang it on the wall. It stabs at center to what were seeing these days that boils down to an abuse of power. Where before if we didn't have means to defend ourselves adequately now today maybe its possible, we have too many; or should I say, the possibilities for exploitation are greater today. Attack is the new defense. Rules and regulations cannot be built perfectly to reflect each time a correct outcome; common sense and logic needs to be part of it.
    Your story unrolled Ted in a way that had me spilling my coffee with laughter.