Thursday, January 29, 2015

It ain't paintball, folks

   Not that it comes as a surprise, but some of Canada's political and media elites are demonstrating breathtaking cluelessness on the fundamentals of military affairs.  The fretting by the opposition parties and their journalist allies about "mission creep" in Canada's contribution to the anti-ISIS coalition betrays a profound ignorance about what goes on in a war zone.
   The Canadian special forces on the ground in Iraq are there to train local troops in counter insurgency and the use of laser technology to call in air strikes.  It was not the government's stated intention to have Canadian troops involved in a combat role, but a in a fluid battlefield scenario, you don't get to call time out if you find yourself under fire.  You shoot back, which is what Canadian troops have reportedly done on at least three occasions. 
   Canada is part of a just and necessary mission in Iraq, and the  elite Canadian troops on the ground undoubtedly embrace the opportunity to put their training to the test in combat.  NDP leader Tom Mulcair is smart enough to realize all of that but it hasn't stopped him from trying to score political points by accusing the government of deliberately misleading Canadians about nature of the mission.  Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and his media groupies, who are considerably less savvy than Mulcair, still think we can beat ISIS by sending blankets to refugees and hugging it out with the terrorists.
   Meanwhile, the real work - the difficult and deadly work - continues to be done by those best trained and equipped to respond to a rapidly evolving combat situation.  Empty suits and keyboard warriors half a world away should leave them to it.


  1. Love your stuff Ted! One of the only media members who isn't afraid to tell it like it is!

  2. Where's the loyalty to our Men & W out in the field? I really don't understand people who don't understand the necessity of this fight. The Political opposition look so awful here. This is a missed-boat that will tarnish them (or should) for a long time. I'm grateful Mr. Harper on this one, is calling the shots. // And why is there even a debate over this imam extremist who wants to set up shop on our doorstep?! Some seem to be willing to extend freedom of speech to him, so he can attack our freedom of speech. He's an Islamic Extremist who doesn't believe in demography, what the hell!!

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  4. I wonder what kind of explanation the government will offer when one of these Canadian "advisors" gets killed.

  5. War means exactly that, the possibility for this to happen. There's tipping point where 'opting-out' isn't an option. We reached it . I would have been ashamed of my Country for the 1st time ever had we followed the course opposition in-the-House was leaning on. We've never let others before fight battles for us. Today I'm so proud of our Men and Women in the service and of all Canadians who see the necessity for being there.