Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Leafs go next level ludicrous

   It doesn't rank up there with killing someone over a cartoon, but fining disgruntled hockey fans for throwing the home team's jersey on the ice smacks of the same kind of fundamentalist intolerance.
   Three Toronto Maple Leafs fans were escorted from the Air Canada Center and banned from the building for a year after throwing Leafs jerseys onto the ice during a 4-1 loss to Carolina.  Ejection from the game and a ban from the building are reasonable consequences, but the malefactors were additionally charged with "engaging in prohibited activity" under an Ontario law called the Trespass to Property Act - an offence that carries a fine in the neighborhood of 125 dollars.
   Really, Toronto?  Arresting people for mocking the hapless outfit that Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment trots out there under the guise of professional athletics?  Taking into account that you're probably paying minimum 200 dollars a seat to be close enough to throw a jersey on the ice and that replica Leafs jerseys start at 170 dollars before tax and shipping on, the perpetrators were probably already out of pocket to the tune of at least 400 dollars before they got ticketed for being a public nuisance.  Is that not punishment enough?
   If it's about respecting the brand, it's too late.  The Leafs brand is in tatters, thanks to decades of mismanagement.  And spare me the argument that throwing a jersey on the ice creates a dangerous situation for the players.  Even a Leaf can skate around a stationary object.
   Can't he?


  1. If Leafs players showed as much emotion for playing hockey as they do for jerseys being tossed on the ice, they'd be Cup contenders. How about if management institutes a policy where they give the jerseys to underprivileged kids, and the players concentrate on winning games. I mean, talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. And hockey is full of crap like this! Stop taking yourselves so damn seriously. It's a freaking hockey jersey and there is absolutely NOTHING sacred about it. . .no matter what the Don Cherrys of the world say about it.

    1. Agree with the rest you said but '' hockey is full of crap like this!'' What?!!
      Find me a sport where you find as much class and respect as Hockey does. Just name one.

  2. "banned from the building" ...they should be forced to come back to watch some more games!

  3. If, for some insane reason, some fan at the Bell Centre threw his Habs sweater on the ice, I figure he'd probably get punched out. No fine, just a crowd beating for violation of something holy.