Thursday, January 8, 2015

Religion of peace, you say

  The bodies were still warm when the shameless apologia started turning up on my Twitter timeline yesterday. 
   There was an MSNBC piece from a former editor for the Onion, sputtering the usual bromides about how the slaughter at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine had nothing to do with Islam and that the shooters only represented themselves and their own personal ideology.  Another progressive scribbler wrote a ponderous, too-clever-by-a-half essay based on the absurd premise that the real moral upshot of the massacre will be measured in the backlash against the peace-loving Muslim community (whoever and wherever they are).   There was even the predictable but still  particularly despicable victim-blaming nonsense suggesting the murdered cartoonists were responsible for their own demise, including one in which the author called one of the victims a "racist asshole".  To their credit, the victim-blamers at least had the intellectual honesty to accuse Charlie Hebdo of publishing what they believed was tantamount to hate literature in the form of cartoons mocking the prophet Mohammed.  Too many of the journalists and others beating the free speech drum since yesterday have also been on the front lines of shouting down anyone who questions the accepted (i.e. politically correct) narratives on police brutality, rape culture and LBGT rights.  If anything, the Charlie Hebdo massacre has exposed the rampant hypocrisy in public discourse.  Selective outrage and free speech are mutually exclusive.  You can't have it both ways. 
   Fortunately, there are intelligent, educated voices out there who recognize yesterday's events for what they are: another chapter in a deadly clash of cultures.  Anyone who still argues otherwise is a liar, a fool or both.  If the Charlie Hebdo victims died for anything worthwhile, it will be that the free speech they championed will finally allow the truth to be heard.

Addendum: In fairness, here's an article that takes an encouraging first step towards rebutting my reference to the conspicuously low profile of moderate Muslims.


  1. Http:// / #JeSuisCharlie

  2. goal achieved ... scared to speak, scared to write, scared to draw, it is amazing how Christians have been freely mocked...what happens when Christians become terrorist, will the news reports change?