Saturday, January 17, 2015

You've Got a Nerve, Friend

   It was like a bad Saturday Night live skit, and symbolized everything that's wrong with the hapless left wing political establishment at a critical time in human history.
   With head-chopping, women-stoning, cartoonist-murdering Islamic jihadists representing the greatest threat to global security since the end of the Cold War, the most powerful nation on Earth trotted out an aging folk singer to reassure the civilized world that they've got our back.    
   To be fair, most Americans are probably mortified by the spectacle that unfolded on their behalf yesterday in Paris, where US Secretary of State John Kerry had James Taylor perform "You've Got a Friend" in symbolic apology for the American leadership's conspicuous absence at the unity rally in Paris last Sunday.  It probably seemed like a good idea at the time  - if the time was 1972.  But the feel-good, peacenik sentiment from a former military dissenter and an old hippie warbler in a city still reeling from a bloody, multi-pronged terrorist attack was absurdly inappropriate.  What's next?  Dispatching Dick van Dyke to Nigeria to sing "Put on a Happy Face" for Boko Haram victims?  
   All is not lost, however.  There's an opportunity here to take out the combined leadership of ISIS and Al Qaeda in one fell swoop.  All the CIA needs to do is lure the bad guys to a joint screening of the Kerry and Taylor show, and let nature take its course as the terrorist leaders die laughing.


  1. joe bidens's choices of performer were all quickly dismissed: Rockin In The Free World, Neil Young ( non-american), Peace Train, Cat Stevens (non-american plus too controversial) and Staying Alive, BeeGees (non-american plus logistical issues).

  2. Biden to O'bama: " Better than your ideas; John "Karaoke" Kerry doing the Boys are Back in Town! And what was the other one?? Oh ya, James Brown, Papa's got a brand new bag? WTF???

  3. RE: Above photo.
    " ...and then he says to me, ask Taylor if he knows any Edith PIEaf, LOL

  4. At least he didn't send a stripping telegram.

  5. Is it possible the 'no-show' was a result out of fear of being put-out there in the open to be targeted by some idiot terrorist? After all, the enemy is free-speech and America is a high-profile defender of it. If none of this is plausible then their absence is a giant faux-pas. Otherwise their just playing it smart.