Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Everybody take a pill, CSIS is not the Gestapo

   Maybe it's because I don't have anything to hide, but I'm not overly concerned that Canada's new anti-terrorism laws are going to result in routine and widespread violations of civil liberties.  Among the family, friends and co-workers with whom I regularly associate, none has expressed an opinion one way or the other on the federal government expanding the powers of CSIS - the country's civilian spy agency - probably because none of them are planning to bomb the library or shoot up a shopping mall.  In the existing geopolitical climate, better safe than sorry makes sense.  
   However, the suspension of logic and common sense is standard operating procedure among critics of  the Harper government, whose visceral dislike for the Prime Minister precludes any objective assessment of the facts.  Their poster girl is Toronto Star columnist Heather Mallick, whose post-menopausal ramblings do a disservice to anyone who actually tries to mount a thoughtful and credible argument against the government of the day, whatever the issue.  Mallick and her ilk have become increasingly shrill and hysterical as public opinion continues to trend in the Conservatives favor at the expense of the Liberals and Mallick's fantasy boy toy, Justin Trudeau.
   Whether or not you agree with his measures, Steven Harper has shown decisive leadership on the anti-terrorism file.  In a solid, functioning democracy, I'll take my chances with a government dedicated to my family's safety and security over the hug-a-terrorist, kumbaya mentality that values a committed jihadist's rights in the same regard as our's right up until he kills us all.  

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  1. I feel very fortunate to have your voice as one in our media today.