Thursday, February 5, 2015

One way or the other, Brian Williams must go

   Never mind the NBC Nightly News - Brian Williams is no longer fit to call Friday night bingo numbers at the community center in Snortwheeze, North Dakota.  The veteran newsman's credibility is beyond repair, as shot through-and-through as the helicopter he wasn't aboard flying into Baghdad in 2003.
   Falsely claiming to be on a chopper that was hit by a rocket propelled grenade isn't "misremembering".  It's flat out lying, like spinning an uneventful Staten Island ferry crossing into a yarn about the time you were on the Titanic. That Williams expected to get away with continuing to perpetuate the lie is a testament to his own hubris, and a complete miscalculation on his part of the power of social media.  It speaks volumes about the rapidly-changing mass media landscape that crew members of the helicopter that took the RPG fire used Facebook to expose a lie told by the anchorman of a nightly network newscast.  Even at that, Williams wouldn't go quietly into the night, amending his story to say he was in the same flight group as the stricken chopper, while the military personnel who were actually there insist Williams didn't arrive on-scene until an hour later. 
   We all make mistakes, but a calculated lie from someone whose professional mandate is to deliver the truth is inexcusable.  As a journalist, Brian Williams can never be trusted again.  He has no place in the NBC anchor chair, and if he doesn't have the decency to resign, he should be fired, yesterday.


  1. That exposes in part what he's made of. He's otherwise a solid Anchor Man that could have been on par with the Cronkite, Rather & Jennings. Journalism and integrity are inseparable so I agree he should walk. But my money says otherwise. NBC will try and ride this out.

  2. Spin your version of the truth often enough and it becomes your truth. The longer nobody calls you on it, all the better. It did take people involved long enough to get around to calling him on this, but now the spaghetti is sticking to the wall.

  3. He's not sorry for lying ... he's sorry he got caught lying.
    As if apologizing for "misremembering" will negate the fact that he now has zero credibility as a journalist. Why would I watch the news anchored by someone who can't "remember" how events happened? Ridiculous.

  4. You see the strategy at play here? He steps down only because that's the overwhelming consensus of what he should do. It leaves everyone feeling like the right thing has been done. But thats' just to let the story bleed out. Weathering the storm. Shortly he'll be step back into his position. It will interesting to see how he'll be received.