Monday, May 7, 2018

Habs Twitter Takes a Lick From Marchand


   Douchebaggery has gone mainstream.
   Unfettered by regulatory restraints and contemptuous of longstanding professional standards and ethics, “cutting edge” online media is blazing a trail of lowbrow twaddle that makes the supermarket tabloid rack look like a repository for Pulitzer Prize finalists.  My personal favorites (and by favorites I mean they make me want to take my own life) in the precipitous decline of journalistic integrity are VICE and Buzzfeed.  VICE, which actually does some quality journalism, are the masters of self-sabotage.  It’s equal parts appalling and discouraging that an organization that produces powerful and compelling journalism like VICE’s Russian Roulette series on the civil war in Ukraine is also responsible for articles like “The Five Times I’ve (Literally) Shit My Pants” and “We Asked Some Girls About How They Masturbate”.  Buzzfeed doesn’t even bother trying to emulate VICE’s occasional forays into relevant journalism, opting to focus exclusively on the sensationally trivial.  How better to dispense with the notion of credibility than churning out such vacuous pablum as “11 Delightful Poems Found in Pornhub Comments” and “This Artist Imagined Famous Women in History on Their Period and It’s Beautiful”?  (I’m not making any this up, but I’m not linking the articles because that would just be feeding the beast.)
   All of that is the long way of getting to this: while VICE and Buzzfeed are products of their time, no individual or organization - no matter how venerable or respectable - is immune from the siren song of online dipshittery, not even the (deep breath) Montreal Canadiens.  
After the Boston Bruins were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs Sunday, the Canadiens official Twitter account took a thinly veiled shot at Bruins forward and noted licker-of-faces Brad Marchand.

   In and of itself, the tweet was marginally clever and relatively inoffensive, but it’s the source that matters here more than the content.  If I’m Canadiens owner Geoff Molson, everything my franchise does publicly should be filtered through the Beliveau Standard; in other words, is it in keeping with the class and distinction consistently demonstrated by the most universally admired and respected individual ever to represent the CH on and off the ice?  The short answer here is no.
   Along with straying from a century-old norm for propriety, the cracker-of-wise behind the Canadiens Twitter account made the mistake of leading with their chin as well as their thumbs, and Marchand willingly obliged.
   Final score: @Bmarch63 1 @CanadiensMTL 0
   Look, I get that it’s 2018 and we live in edgier times than when Jean Beliveau was saying and doing all the right things while routinely parading the Stanley Cup down Ste. Catherine Street.  But change for its own sake isn’t always change for the better, and an iconic brand that was built on honour and dignity is something to be trifled with at its own peril. 

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  1. Marchand does not deserve the attention. Immaturity has no place in an industry where athletes are supposed to be role models for up and coming prospects. I think Marchand should go back and play in his sandbox and the Habs return to the golf course.